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Frequently Asked Questions

How should I notify the ABP of a change in my address?

Because having the correct address is extremely important, the ABP accepts only written requests for address changes. The full name, social security number, and new address should be indicated as well as the signature of the applicant. A form for submitting address changes is available on this Web site and can be downloaded, printed, and either faxed or mailed to the ABP.

How should I notify the ABP of a change in my name?

Changes in name must be made in writing with the applicantā€™s signature and must be accompanied by legal verification (marriage license, court order, etc.). A form for submitting name changes is available on this Web site and can be downloaded, printed, and either faxed or mailed to the ABP.

When will the results of the examination be available?

Results will be mailed 4 to 6 weeks after the last examination date.

If I currently hold a non-time-limited primary certificate and I choose to voluntarily recertify, what happens to my primary certificate when voluntary recertification lapses in ten years?

Nothing. Your primary certificate will still be in effect.

How are the examinations graded?

The examinations this year will be graded using a criterion-based method.  That means there will be a set passing score, which will be a 3-digit scale score, that must be met in order to pass the examination.

Even though the ABP no longer gives credit for post-sophomore fellowships, can autopsies done during such a fellowship count toward the certification requirement of 50 autopsies?

No.  Since no credit is awarded for post-sophomore fellowships, activities performed during this time (including autopsies) cannot be used to satisfy numerical training requirements.

Where can I find information about pathology as a career?

"Pathology as a Career in Medicine" is available on the American Society for Investigative Pathology Web site. Please click the link:

Does my application need to be received by the Board Office by the deadline, or just postmarked by the deadline?

Applications must be received in the ABP office by the stated deadline.

I am an AP/CP resident. I will have completed the AP requirements by July 1. Can I take the AP examination in June and then take the CP exam after my CP requirements are finished?

No. If you are an AP/CP candidate, you cannot sit for any portion of the examinations until your training in both AP and CP is completed

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